Each day, in addition to the a la cart menu, a "Daily Special" is offered for $5.00.  This item is now available in ALL food service locations.

See the calendar below for each day's special.  A vegetarian daily special is also available, check with the cafeteria for specifics.

We want your feedback! Please send any questions, comments, or concerns about OCSA's Food Service program to FoodService@ocsarts.net.

Breakfast and AM Break Menu

Breakfast: 7:15 am -8:00 am

AM Break: 9:35 am - 9:45 am Available in Tower Kitchen

Fresh Fruit Cup

3.50 (V, GF)

Fruit Smoothie

3.50 (V, GF)


3.50 (V)

Assorted Muffins

2.50 (V)

French Toast/Maple Syrup

3.50 (V)

Lunch Menu

Lunch: 11:20 am - 11:55 am Available in the Tower Kitchen, the Breezeway, and on 10th St.

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

4.00 (GF)

Marinated Chicken breast, Romaine Lettuce, Caesar Dressing

Grilled Seasonal Vegetable Wrap

4.00 (V, GF)

Rosemary, Shallots, Balsamic Vinegar, Oilve Oil on Tortilla

Vegetable Stir Fried Rice

3.75 (V, GF)

Ginger, Garlic, Vegetables

Korean BBQ Chicken

4.00 (GF)

Steamed White Rice and Scallion

Grilled Chicken Quesadila


Cilantro, Tomato, Scallion, Cheddar Cheese



6oz Beef on a Bun, Lettuce, Tomato, Special Sauce

Pasta Alfredo


Grilled Chicken Breast with a Reggiano Parmesan Cream Sauce

Pasta Bolognese


Spicy Meat Sauce with Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella

Pizza Sticks - Pepperoni or Cheese

3.75 (V, if cheese)

Baked with a Fresh Oregano Tomato Sauce

Macaroni and Cheese

3.75 (V)

PM Break Menu

PM Break-1:35 pm-2:10 pm Available in Tower Kitchen and Breezeway

*Some items off lunch menu depending on inventory

Chocolate Chip Cookies

1.50 (V)

Fresh Fruit Cup

3.50 (V, GF)

Fruit Smoothie

3.50 (V, GF)


3.50 (V)

Vending machines are avaliable in Cafeteria, Breezeway and the Webb Theater.

Daily Specials


Mac & Cheese


Caesar Salad


Pizza Sticks


Pasta Bolognese


Stir Fried Rice